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FORTWORTH - Friday became a night of anguish for the family of the second victim of a murderous robbery nearly two weeks ago.

Relatives took Jerry Burnett off life support and said goodbye Friday morning. Burnett was the Mrs Baird's driver who was shot at the Fort Worth Valero station when gunmen burst in last month, killing clerk Daniel Rojas Torres.

Burnett passed his 70th birthday Sunday on life support with a bullet through his head. Loved ones said he was married for 33 years, drove a bread truck for nearly 50 and was still driving the morning of March 23 to make extra money to raise his grandson.

He was my little buddy, said Ray Marr, holding out his arm out at shoulder height. Let's see, about like this. Jerry was about like this, I guess.

Marr was Burnett's friend for over 20 years. He described him as short, stocky, stubborn and generous.

You would think he was the gruffest little thing you ever met in your life until you get to know him, he said. Then he's just soft as a marshmallow. He would do anything for you.

That's more than a phrase. Marr and Burnett went to Alsbury Baptist church together in Burleson. Burnett once served as a deacon.

He had a real burden for seniors in our church, widows, cared for people [and] would always look after them, said Pastor Scott Sharman.

Marr said before Burnett slipped into a coma, he told police the robbers tried to set the crime scene on fire. That image will always haunt his friend.

The first thing he told the cops is the match wouldn't light, he said. Guy couldn't get the match lit. Can't imagine what he went through thinking he was going to burn to death.

Marr said he believes only the breath of God prevented the fire. It's a blessing he said he'll remember Sunday morning, when he would have celebrated Easter with his friend Burnett.


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