In America, "Twilight" is all the rage; and the latest installment in the tween vampire series, "New Moon," is set to arrive in November. Obviously, these films are intended for a much younger audience. But, don't be deceived, the rest of the movie-making world has already caught-on to the "vampire trend."

"Thirst," opening this week, is a violent, thrilling, well-made, first-rate, foreign-language vampire movie from South Korea. It tells the story of a kind-hearted priest who becomes infected with something awful. He's eventually forced to enter a violent, erotic new existence. Go figure, a high-level vampire movie coming out of South Korea?

Remember, last year, the Swedes accomplished the same thing with, "Let The Right One In." A creepy, frozen, compelling story of a female child-vampire with a knack for claiming local victims. This one made my top-ten list.

"Blood: The Last Vampire" came out earlier this year as a martial arts vampire flick from Hong Kong. And, the Russians started their impressive vampire-esque trilogy called "Nightwatch," released in the U.S. in 2006.

But for now, it's all about "Thirst," an impressive R-rated film from South Korea and director Park Chan-Wook. It's a riveting vampire movie that has my complete attention.

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