FORT WORTH News 8 has learned that a Dallas man is accused of luring local high school students into prostitution.

One Fort Worth teen we'll call her Anna became ensnared in a world she never expected.

Mama, one of the hardest things for me to do is keep secrets from you, she said in a letter written to her mother, describing how the 16-year-old was pulled into a world of evil.

He asked me to stay with him at his duplex, and since I really thought he was cool, I said 'yes.' He put an ad on this Web site ... and before I knew it, I was having sex with all these random men. I knew it was wrong, but the money was quick and easy. I started drinking to make it easier, and then smoking weed.

Anna wrote that letter six weeks after walking away from her Fort Worth school one day and never coming back.

Known to be rebellious, Anna was counted as a runaway.

She didn't go far, according to investigators, meeting 27-year-old Clint Wilson in Dallas. His specialty, police said, is luring average, middle class high school girls into prostitution.

In December, the Joint East Texas Fugitive Task Force raided a home where Wilson had been staying. He was gone, but Anna was there forever changed after nearly two months with Wilson.

Anna's mother saw the ad that was posted to sell her daughter, a high school sophomore.

My exact words when I looked at the picture were: 'I could just die.'

Why don't these girls try to get away? U.S. Deputy Marshal Heath Hill explains it this way: They've been sold on something that isn't real, he said. A lot of times in these child prostitution cases, they're made to feel loved/wanted.

On January 10, the task force arrested Wilson at a Dallas apartment. Citing an ongoing investigation, Hill declined to discuss how many victims there might be.

Wilson is being held in the Collin County Jail on a felony charge of compelling prostitution under age 17. His bond was set at $100,000.

Anna is in a secure rehabilitation facility.

Her mother is hopeful, but says she knows her daughter will never be 16 again.


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