There is new information about three Child Protective Services caseworkers who were arrested Tuesday in connection with the murder of Greenville teenager Alicia Moore.

Natalie Reynolds, Laura Ard and Rebekah Ross face felony charges for allegedly tampering with documents connected to the Moore case.

The Hunt County District Attorney said the three failed to adequately investigate whether Moore needed to be removed from her home or to get other help.

The DA said Ross filed the risk assessment and Reynolds and Ard signed off on it. That's why all three women are facing charges.

Ross and Reynolds face additional charges for similar cases uncovered by investigators.

Peter Schulte, the attorney for Ross, issued this statement:

'Rebekah, who has dedicated the last several years of her life protecting the children of this State, is not guilty of these charges. The truth will be revealed in Court and we ask that the public withhold judgment until all the facts are known.'

On Tuesday night, Laura Ard told News 8 that the charges are 'a mistake' and that she is innocent.

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