DALLAS -- Members of the Occupy Dallas protest group staged a sit-in at a Chase bank branch on Monday.

They had been relatively quiet until around 1 p.m. on Monday. The Occupy Dallas protesters made a stand outside a downtown Dallas bank Monday and 23 were arrested as a result.

They held signs of solidarity and chanted the whole world is watching at the Chase bank branch in the 1400 block of Main Street.

One group of protesters locked arms and sat in front of the bank doors. They kept customers from getting in or out.

The protesters, about 50 in all, appeared ready from the start to submit themselves to arrest. Protesters appeared to be organized with flags and posters and bull horns. They wore bandannas to ward off the effects of tear gas, should it be released.None was.

As anticipated, police decided enough was enough. 23 were cuffed and removed, one by one.Most went without too much of a struggle.Those who chose not to be arrested made sure their voices were still heard.

On the Occupy Dallas facebook page the group had given instructions for protesters to write a telephone number on their arms with a Sharpie and call that number if they are jailed during the protest.

The group also noted on its facebook page the reason behind the protest was We want to send a message to these Banks. You destroyed our economy, paid off politicians to help you steal our tax dollars and used them to increase your personal profits while laying off thousands of American workers.

The protest lasted about two hours.Those arrested were charged with minor offenses such as trespassing and obstructing a passageway.


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