Four candidates are vying to be the new mayor of Dallas. This time, we spotlight Ron Natinsky.

The 65-year-old father of two is a businessman, an avid white-water rafter, and a scuba diver.

Natinsky voted against a property tax hike last year and won't support another one.He touts a five-point plan to bring economic development to Dallas.

On improving life in the southern sector, he says the city should build on the successes so far of the University of North Texas at Dallas, the inland port, and Pinnacle Park.

Natinsky fondly remembers visiting Fair Park and the Music Hall as a teenager.During his most recent visit, he recalled what his civics teacher at Hillcrest High School told him: 'Natinsky, you are not paying enough attention; government is very important to you,' and little did she know nor I know that here we are 40 some odd years later, and I'm, you know, I'm part of it, he said.

Natinsky has been part of the City Council representing far North Dallas since 2005, and almost two decades prior he served on volunteer city boards and commissions.

All the while he started, grew, and sold about a dozen companies.

Natinsky said the combined experience makes him unique among candidates.

And I think I can bring that what I call that entrepreneurial private sector experience to City Hall and get us to change the way we do things and operate more efficiently and effectively, he said.

Natinsky also knows how to effectively operate underwater after taking up scuba some 30 years ago, and he can navigate through the air with knowledge of hot air ballooning.

Married to wife Nancy for 41 years, Natinsky says he's ready to ascend to the Council's top spot and help create jobs.

The key for me, my focus, is continuing to grow the economy, he said. The six years I've been on the Council I've concentrated on taking the city laissez-faire marketing organization to one that's gone out proactively, attracted businesses.

Natinsky hopes he'll soon return to Fair Park with a new title: Mayor.


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