I've got some problems with the plan to excise the N word from Mark twain's classic. It's this week's uncut commentary.

There's a new version of the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn coming out that will not include the racial slur we usually refer to as the N' word.

It's not a new word; it's just as painful when you hear it now as it was when the Mark Twain book was first published in 1884. The word is in the book 219 times.

Supporters of the new version say it's just too much of a bad thing and a terrible reminder of a past best forgotten. But, that to me is the point. Forgetting the past is never a good idea.

Also, quite frankly, many scholars will tell you it's in the book because Mark Twain, whose real name was Samuel Clemens, wanted to make a point about racism and its toxic effects.

The other reason cited for the change is that a lot of school districts have stopped using it. They don't want the headache.

That's true. I get that for younger kids. But, the book gives older students an opportunity to examine racism and its history.

It's also a mistake, I believe, to start editing books long after the artist has departed. It will encourage more school districts to use the book.

More reading is great. But, what they'll be using is a watered down version of the point Clemens tried to make painfully obvious: racism is not a good thing.

Running from what was never gets a society where it needs to be.

My thoughts, tell me yours:

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