As this Christmas holiday season continues to go by (and go by so much faster now than it used to), I'm reminded again through Thank God for Kids why it's such an incredibly special time of year.

The families who honor their faith, the time we spend with our family, and the memories of those Christmas mornings with family members we can't celebrate with anymore.

Christmas through the eyes of a child stays with us forever.

Waking up at 3:30... sneaking into the front room... knowing that Dad would holler soon enough to get back in bed! Waiting for Dad to holler to get back in bed! and then lying there wide awake waiting for a sun to come up... that seemed like it never would.

Checking to see if Santa had eaten the cookies and if he drank the milk we'd left on the table... and always amazed by the fact that he had.

An innocent time in a small town, when we thought it was perfectly okay for a stranger to break into the house in the middle of the night because he was leaving the presents behind.

Presents that meant so much to us then... through the eyes of a child.

But when the sled was gone... the bike didn't work... the iPads now have been replaced by something new... the memories of those Christmas days remain.

It wasn't the sled; it's the memory of my Mom and Dad waving through the window as I went sliding by.

It was Dad helping me clear the driveway of the snow we had, because I couldn't wait for spring to ride that bike.

I'd say something about an iPad, but I don't know what an iPad is.

But here's something I do know: Christmas through the eyes of a child might be about the presents now, but when the childhood is gone... the time with Mom and Dad and the family together on Christmas morning... we take that with us wherever we go.

It won't break down.

It won't get lost.

And it can't be replaced.

That's the gift you need to give. A gift you can always give. Your time together is the gift they'll treasure most.

Because that's a Merry Christmas through the eyes of a child.

Thank God for kids.


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