ARLINGTON The search for a developmentally-challenged woman ended Sunday afternoon when her body was found in an Arlington park.

Tiffany Demus, 31, had last been seen at her home in Mansfield, nearly four miles from where search teams discovered her remains at around 2:30 p.m. in Webb Community Park.

She ran away from her residence in the 500 block of Dover Park Trail on Tuesday evening, something her mother said she had done before. Previously, however, Demus always quickly returned.

It took volunteers less than an hour Sunday to confirm what many had already feared. The body of Demus was found lying face-down in a creek.

Police using search dogs and a helicopter had already scoured Webb Community Park following Demus' disappearance. Friends and family members questioned why she had not been found at that time.

Investigators will not yet say whether the woman's death is considered a crime, but many wondered how Demus who had trouble walking could end up so far away from home in a remote spot that challenged able-bodied men.


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