Predators is much better than I expected and a summer action popcorn movie surprise.

Buffed-out Oscar-winner, Adrien Brody, finds himself in a mysterious jungle, along with a handful of highly-trained mercenary and military types.

Wouldn't you know it, they are put there for a purpose, to be hunted by aliens, with infra-red sensors and razor sharp armor. It's not a fair fight but it's an entertaining exercise in tense film-making.

Laurence Fishburne shows up briefly in Predators as an eccentric survivor of the alien attacks.

It's a good performance in a movie about firepower and testosterone, directed in a straight-forward manner, by Nimrod Antal and produced by Texas film-maker Robert Rodriguez. Don't expect logic but do expect plenty of gunfire.

Is the R-rated Predators better than the 1987 original with Arnold Schwarzenegger? Not really, but it's an amusing premise populated by good actors. A B-movie sci-fi action-flick with pedigree, about staying alive in an impossible situation, and look for Topher Grace as one of the hunted.

Rather than bore the audience like most summer films, Predators gets after the fact immediately, and it works.


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