I enjoyed your story. LBJ runs the country but if he wants a drink of water in 'THIS' house he has to ask the King or Queen for permission. My mom told me a similar story using John and Jackie Kennedy at the time. After I told her that this was America and kids deserve ice cream for competing chores. The president lets John-John eat ice cream in his office.Well my sister lowered her head and said uh-oh, then my mother called my FULL NAME. Then she raised her hands to her hips and said, not even the president of the United States or his wife can apply America's rules in this house. With her head straight and her neck moving, she moved here lips and said THIS ISMY HOUSE AND I LIVE HERE THE RULES IN THIS AMERICA HOUSE ARE MINE (grabbing my left ear-owww!) I am the only grown up who sets the house rules here and twogrown people cannot live in the same house with different rules. So if you cannot abide by my rules of the house, then you can take your grown a_ _ out there in the rest of America but until you do, chores are responsibilities not favors. Ice cream is out of the question. -Terry

Great tribute to moms everywhere John!Thanks for reminding me that even though a mom may not be with us - mine's been gone nearly 12 years - this weekend is a great time to remember from who and whence we came.


I related to the comments your mother made. When my daughters were growing up, we would discuss a situation, and I would let them know what their father and I had decided about that situation. Their comment would be I vote we . . ., and my comment would be When this becomes a democracy, I will let you know and then you can vote. I was at my daughter s home recently, and was so gratified when I heard the same exact words come out of her mouth in response to her children s suggestions .


Thank you for a wonderful tribute... your mother must have been avery specialperson. I loved the Kingdom Story! And I would totally agree we do not appreciate the time we have until it's gone.


I really enjoy your unplugged commentaries: You always hit the nail on the head with me. I enjoyed your Mother's Day comment. I think I would have loved your mom, too.


Nice tribute to your mother on the 6 p.m.


Love the uncut B Blessed -Tonya

Nice commentary! Too bad we don t have more parents like yours and mine.

- Ron
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