Texas Stadium cleanup expected to take months




Posted on April 12, 2010 at 12:26 PM

IRVING - Six-million pounds of rubble is now piled high where Texas Stadium once stood.

Crews began working to remove debris Monday, the day after the historic sports arena was imploded. Chunks of concrete and steel are being cut down to manageable sizes in order so that they can be recycled.

Four million pounds of concrete will be crushed and used in new pavement for highway construction projects nearby.

"Inside, they'll produce the material right there," said Doug Janeway, the project manager. "You can see it happening. You'll see a big pile of concrete-gravel essentially being created on the site."

The stadium basement, which is where the lockers and stadium kitchen once were, is the first focus. Once the debris is removed, crews will fill in the caverns with dirt.

"It was a huge structure; but once it collapses down, you can see it was obviously full of air," Janeway said.

Three buttresses remained standing against huge piles of rubble after the implosion, but will soon be knocked down.

"Well, it's history," said Pete Mosley, who stopped to take pictures of the stadium rubble. "It's an end of an era."

Cleanup will take about four months.

TxDOT will lease the site for $15 million to an agency that will use it as a staging area for construction. Workers are rebuilding the infrastructure around state highways 183 and 114 and Loop 12.

The project will cause traffic headaches for the next decade. Once it's complete, Irving has plans for a new project, a development that could include a hotel, shops, public art and city services.

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