Patience with Elliott; He'll come around

20 carries for 51 yards.

Not remotely the debut expected for Dallas Cowboys running back Zeke Elliott.

But Jason Garrett isn't putting that on the rookie's shoulders.

"We didn't create enough movement on a consistent basis at the point of attack," Garrett said. "And I thought Zeke did a good job of running hard when the runs were dirty, to stick it up in there and get what he could get."

Elliott learned a blatant truth on Sunday.

"The NFL is hard," Garrett said, matter of factly. "It's hard to run the football in the NFL. It was a good experience for him."

Many Cowboys fans think that running back Alfred Morris had a better day than Zeke Elliott did, and should see more touches in Week 2 as a result.

Strictly based on the numbers, that's a fair assessment. But it's more complicated than that.  Elliott saw a number of very difficult-to-run against defensive fronts, that Morris just didn't see as much of.

"He had some more creases than Zeke did," Garrett said of Morris. "But he took advantage of his chances as well. He had some good looks to run at."

Morris may see more than his seven carries in week one, but Zeke is still the starter.

"We're going to be a team that is effective running the football over the course of the year, and when you are that, defenses are going to spend a lot of energy time and attention trying to stop that," Garrett said.

Now it's up to Elliott and the offensive line to succeed, despite that fact.

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