How the Stars will survive if Seguin misses time

Tyler. Seguin. Hairline. Fracture.

These words were sent in a press release Saturday morning. I woke up to a text full of crying emoji that said something along the lines of “oh my gosh Seguin is dead.” He isn’t dead, but we don’t know the full severity of the injury as of yet. Who knows how severe the injury is, and we probably won’t for a few days.

What we do know is that it didn’t look good, and it happened in an exhibition game before the fake World Cup of Hockey tournament even began when that embarrassment of a roster Team USA put together tried to play like the 70’s Flyers. On an icing play Ryan Suter swept the skates out from under Seguin causing him to go feet first into the boards.

Ryan Kesler did his thing and was annoying to the point that mild-mannered Joe Thornton laid him out and no one was angry.

Team USA is making us all so proud. This tournament that doesn’t matter could now have some serious consequences for the games that do count for the Dallas Stars depending upon how long Seguin misses.

It isn’t time to panic though. As great as Seguin is, and he is great, there is enough depth here for the Stars to be fine in the early season without him. They managed to go 8-2 without him last year, after all, before really needing him in the playoffs. Let’s be honest here too: the regular season should be fun, but we’re all really here for the playoffs.

Not that he’s going to make Seguin an afterthought, but this would be a pretty good time for our Russian buddy to sign a contract and make a name for himself. Assuming Seguin misses some time, Val Nichushkin may never have a better opportunity for significant ice time with the Stars to find his offensive game. It’s time for him to take that next step, and it sure would be a lot easier with top six ice time and key powerplay time.

That Jiri Hudler signing looks pretty good right now too, eh? The safest bet to pick up the slack is the Stars’ newest free agent signing. He signed here presumably to re-enter the market next year after putting up good numbers on a high powered offensive team. That decision is going to look prophetic for him personally if Seguin does miss some time.

In the same vein as Nichushkin, we could see one of the other kids step up. Brett Ritchie has been trying to make a name for himself for a couple of years. He’s still a quality player who brings many desirable attributes to the roster. His physical play would be a nice complement to the top six.

Jason Dickinson had a quality rookie season in the AHL scoring 53 points in 73 games. The young offensive forward seems like the type you’d want around other talented forwards given his playmaking ability.

Hopefully none of this matters and Seguin misses a very short amount of time. We have about three weeks until the regular season begins and less than a week until training camp ramps up. Seguin missing some time in training camp isn’t the worst thing in the world. Even missing a few regular season games isn’t the worst thing in the world.

It would just be nice of the goon squad John Tortorella put together didn’t cause more damage than that to the world-class Seguin.  

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