Hansen on Elliott: 'I'm not gonna give up on the kid like some of you are'

Well I was right about 1 thing anyway   -    I’ve thought for a couple of weeks now that 1 of the cowboys rookies would be pretty good in game 1    ..    the other would be so-so at best   -   I was kinda right

     The rookie quarterback Dak Prescott played much better than I thought he would    …  I thought he showed a great deal of poise   …  throws the ball well   …  and if Terrance Williams had a clue and ran out of bounds at the end    ..  maybe Prescott brings ‘em back to win that game

     On the other hand   ..   the rookie running back Zeke Elliott gets 51 yards on 20 carries   …   say what ?     now it is only 1 game   …   and you knew the critics would come out of the woodwork    …   but a cowboys team that needs a whole bunch of help on defense   …   uses the 4th  pick in the draft for a running back    ..    well it didn’t work out well this week

       I’m not gonna give up on the kid like some of you are   …   and I do have to admit   ..  every time you send me a note telling me how bad Jerry Jones is running this team   …   I do get a chuckle out of that    ..   because I think I’ve said that before

      So feel free to keep writing.

Dale Hansen / WFAA


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