Busch brothers team up for Nationwide race



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Posted on April 13, 2012 at 7:44 PM

FORT WORTH - When the No. 54 car pulls out of the garage for Friday night’s Nationwide Series race, it'll be driven by Kurt Busch.

That's not unusual, except that the car he is driving is owned by his brother, Kyle.

"It's a brother relationship," Kurt Busch said. "You never know how it's going to work. He is the boss. I am the driver, and I've got to do my job behind the wheel."

NASCAR is known for its family businesses. They say it's rare for two brothers to share a ride from week to week. The first time it happened was in the early 1950's, when Donald and Herb Thomas shared a ride.

For the Busch brothers, it's not a normal NASCAR relationship.

"No, I’m working hard trying to get the race team to what it's supposed to be," Kyle Busch said. "We've got to be successful to withstand ourselves in the sport, and now it's his turn to get behind the wheel. I know what he's capable of. I know what to expect with Kurt Behind the wheel."

It seems like a match made in heaven.

Not only are they brothers, but they have both had their share of troubles. Kyle didn't even race in Texas last November because he was suspended. Kurt was fined for his behavior at the end of the season last year.

Kurt and Kyle aren't exactly the calmest guys in the world.

"That's probably why we're perfect for each other," Kurt said. "We can both read each other when we're out there, behind the wheel."

On Saturday night, they will no longer be on the same team in the Sprint Cup race, and will be competing against each other.

Kyle will be driving the #No. 18 car for Joe Gibbs Racing. Kurt will be in the No. 51 car, owned by Phoenix Racing, after he lost his ride with Penske Racing during the off season.

Kyle says he trusts his brother with his car.

"Oh yeah, yeah, completely," Kyle said. "Hopefully we have a good weekend this weekend and bring that car home in one piece. It's the best thing we've got going, and I'll get to drive in Charlotte."

"I think he found the best driver that he could find, because I know I'm going to give 100 percent when I'm behind the wheel," Kurt said.

Now, if they could just agree to control their behavior...

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