North Texas teen takes title at Taekwondo National Championships

Ethan Rozak is 13 years old and already 5-foot-8. His dad, Eric, is 6-foot-8.

But Ethan's not a basketball player.

'No, I kick people in the face,' Ethan said while shooting hoops in his driveway.

This past weekend, Ethan won gold at the USA Taekwondo National Championships in San Jose. He's a blue belt, which is a middle rank in Taekwondo.

He's been practicing for three years.

'I would come every day, if there was class every day,' Ethan said.

His dad decided to take up the sport about a year ago.

'It's great cardio,' Eric Rozak said. 'You get some discipline that you might have lost in the past.'

'It's really wonderful to watch my husband involved with my son, and working together toward a common goal,' said Lynn Rozak, Ethan's mom.

It's a sport they can do together, and it's not limited to the mat at Lifetime Fitness, where they practice.

'He likes to kick me,' said Ethan's dad. 'We go around the house and he just starts kicking me.'

'They're always kicking each other,' Lynn agreed. 'Always.'

At the national meet, Eric had to win three matches to earn his gold. The next day, Ethan did the same.

A match is made up of three, one-minute rounds, but can end sooner if a fighter gets a big lead. Ethan's first two bouts were called at the beginning of round two.

A year ago, he won silver at the national championships in Chicago.

Now he's won gold, and he's feeling pretty good about himself.



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