Lewisville girls are unlikely entry in state softball tourney




Posted on May 30, 2013 at 2:31 AM

Updated Thursday, May 30 at 2:31 AM

LEWISVILLE — The Lewisville High School softball team lost its last four games of the regular season. The Farmers went 4-6 in district play.

And now they're going to state.

If any team looks like it doesn't belong in Austin, it's this 13-loss team from Lewisville.

"We faltered a little bit there in the second half of district play," said head coach Lori Alexander. "But we hung on enough just to make it out. And I told them, if we can just get there, we can get this done."

Losing to end the season corresponded directly with an injury to the team's best pitcher, freshman Maribeth Gorsuch. But the winning to start this playoff run started without her.

"It's not just one bat; it's all of our bats. It's not just one pitcher; it's all the pitchers you have," said Gorsuch. "It's not just one outfielder; it's all the outfielders. It's not just one infielder; it's all the infielders."

"We know that if we just stick together and all just pitch in where we need to pitch in, we can do anything," said pitcher Chloe Campise. "And we've proved that."

Going to state is obviously a big deal to the softball team and to the high school as a whole. It's the first time any Lewisville team has been to state since 1999. The players on this team were all toddlers back then.

"It's a huge deal; we're so excited," said catcher Emily Lasky. "We feel like this is going to start all the other teams, and next year, big things will happen for football and other sports."

After ending the regular season with four straight losses, Lewisville has lost only two games in the playoffs. If they keep it that way, they'll be state champions.

Their first game in Austin is Friday against San Benito.

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