If nothing else, Romo-less Cowboys promise to be exciting

DALLAS - And all at once, the Cowboys went from grizzled vets looking for one last shot to the cool young team.

Listen, without Tony Romo for most of the season, the Cowboys aren’t going to be very good this year. And that includes going without him after he comes back and is once again immediately injured, finally prompting retirement talk.

Maybe this team with Romo would have been less impressive than we figured anyway. It’s not like they had a bad running attack last year, however much of an upgrade Ezekiel Elliott should be, and Terrance Williams did not exactly make strides with whoever it was they had slinging the oblong bacon-bit last year. And it’s not like their defense showed any recognizable kind of resistance.

In a way, maybe 2014, when they were in every sense a Super Bowl contender, was the universe’s apology to Cowboys fans for giving them one of the top five QBs in the league, and not only nothing else, but also like a decade of the fans of other teams being completely ridiculous about it.

Still, though, life is long and if you’re a fan of a team for a lot of it you’ll see empires rise and fall, and from having seen the last one go under, let me tell you that you don’t usually get to start over with the best running back prospect of the last five years and an exciting young talent at QB. Usually you get a bunch of years filled with Clint Stoerner and Troy Hambrick.

(I’m not saying anything bad about Quincy Carter. You can’t make me).

It’s not necessarily going to be pretty out of the gate. Nor is it necessarily the end of the Romo Cowboys, however likely it seems.  Nor is anything in football ever promised for any reason. Still though, it’s kind of exciting. I didn’t like this draft when it happened, but now I really like it. I am for sale, and always have been, for things that making watching football more enjoyable.

I hope Dak gets some chemistry with Dez pretty fast. That’s where it’s all at, you know?

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