Mesquite basketball gets boost from football players



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Posted on January 11, 2013 at 11:38 PM

MESQUITE -- Mesquite High School's basketball team started 0-4. But that slow start was directly related to the football team winning its first 11 games of the season, before losing to eventual state champion Allen in the second round of the playoffs.

Once the football season ended, the basketball team got the rest of its players.

We asked Davion Keys, who plays only basketball, whether he was rooting for the football team to lose, so he would get his teammates back on the court.

"Oh, no sir, I actually wasn't," Keys said, laughing. "That's like one of the greatest things to happen to Mesquite in a while, for them to go 11-0. We were missing them a lot, but I did want them to go as far as possible."

Four football players are on the team, all of them contributors, and three of them starters.

"It was a fast transition," said Rashard Higgins, a wide receiver on the football team and a forward with the basketball team. "We just had to remember the plays and how to get along with the team. We have some new players on the team, so we just had to get the feeling with each other."

The four football players joined the basketball team four games into the season. What they lacked in practice time and preparation, they made up for with their talent and their winning pedigree.

"When those guys came down here, they're expecting to win every time they step on the court," said basketball head coach Brian Curts. "That habit of winning every time you step on the field -- that just made our team better as soon as they stepped out here."

"Oh we good," said Alex Cooper, a quarterback and point guard. "The record don't look that good because of the start and everything. But we good, so if people are going to start sleeping on us, we're going to come up and win."

After the 0-4 start, the Skeeters lost another two games to fall to 0-6.

But since then, they've won 14 of their last 16, and are tied for first place in their district.

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