Frisco Centennial player hits 2,000 point mark -- in just 3 seasons



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Posted on February 14, 2013 at 11:47 PM

FRISCO -- The milestone came in the second quarter, and when it did, only our photographer and her head coach knew it.

Our camera swung from the play on the court to Frisco Centennial Head Girls Basketball Coach Wesley Charles on the sideline, who clapped longer than usual for what appeared to be a regular basket.

McKenzie Adams' driving floater in the lane during the second quarter of a game at The Colony gave the senior 2,000 career points. But because Centennial was playing on the road, the moment passed without any fanfare.

"I had no idea," McKenzie said. "Before the game I was thinking about it, but once we got in the flow of the game, I totally forgot about it."

McKenzie hit the 2,000 mark in only three varsity seasons. As a sophomore, she lived in Arkansas and played at Bryant High School, and their coach didn't allow freshman to play on the varsity. She has played the last two years at Centennial.

To get 2K in three years, a player needs to score nearly 700 points per season. According to statistics from The Dallas Morning News, at this point of the season, McKenzie is the only girls' basketball player in the Dallas area who has scored more than 700 this season; she had 818, averaging 23.4 points per game.

"Scoring is down from where it was maybe 10 years ago," Coach Charles said. "To see a kid do the 2,000 in three years against the types of defenses and athletes you see these days in women's basketball at the high school level is truly special."

Charles has been coaching girls basketball for 21 years, and this is only the second time he's had a player reach this milestone.

McKenzie's father sees her success as a product of hard work.

"No matter how much success that she's had," Gary Adams said, "we know she has to put her hard hat on and go to work every day.

"That's one of the things that separates her: she knows that no matter what she does, she's going to have to continue to work," he continued.

During her two years at Frisco Centennial, McKenzie was one of the most unguardable basketball players in North Texas. That's a bit ironic, considering what her dad does for a living.

Gary Adams works for the Secret Service, currently assigned to former President George W. Bush's detail. And in another bit of irony, it's not her dad that McKenzie's friends have to worry about.

"Once they do find out, they're like, 'Oh we can't mess with you,'" McKenzie said. "And it's not like that, because my mom's the one everybody needs to worry about. She keeps everybody in check, for sure."

"Yeah, momma stays on top of everything," Adams added, laughing.

The family moved from Arkansas a couple years ago when Adams was re-assigned to Dallas, but Arkansas will always be home -- Adams played college football at the University of Arkansas, and next year, McKenzie will go there to play basketball.