Details into Super Bowl seating problem

Details into Super Bowl seating problem

Arlington City officials talk about the Super Bowl seating issues.




Posted on February 11, 2011 at 12:52 PM

Updated Friday, Feb 11 at 1:27 PM

ARLINGTON- Arlington city leaders held a news conference at 10:30 a.m. to discuss the temporary seating debacle at Cowboys Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday.

The city fire chief has already said he found the temporary seats did not meet fire code the day of the game and that is why he did not approve them for occupation.

The city of Arlington released information showing a paper trail that showed slow progress. More than 100 pages of memos and emails were released to include emails and officials notes sent to and from City of Arlington and Cowboys Stadium officials.

• Dec. 22, 2010

Email from City of Arlington Ed Dryden to jack HillInformed Cowboys Stadium management that the city has yet to receive "any permit application with any plans for any additional bleachers seating planned for the Super Bowl."

• Dec. 30, 2010

City of Arlington paperwork showed first seating plan submission is insufficient. Seating solutions did not submit correct "load".

• Jan. 6, 2011

City of Arlington informed Cowboys Stadium General Manager Jack Hill "We need to obtain your construction plans to proceed with your permit request".

• Jan. 7, 2011

City of Arlington gave permission for additional seating. "Curves seating" or temporary seating request looks structurally safe. Documents also indicate written permission was given form City of Arlington and Jack Hill, stadium general manager.

• Jan. 12, 2011

Important memo from Rick Ripley to Ed Dryden:

Problems regarding "Silver level" seats.

"Aisle stairs do not meet the uniformity requirement."

"Aisle stairs are blocked by seating at the bottom row."

"Guardrails are not shown for all stair landings"

"This set of plans does not have an engineer's seal or signature affixed to them"

"Information was not provided regarding the required headroom clearance of 80" min for egress pathways under the seating arras"

• Jan 20, 2011

Inner city staff email: Note from Stephen Lea to Pedro Arevalo referencing Brett Shipp's questions about seating and what concerns the city might have about the extra seating after problems with the party passes.

Note mentions that Lea told Brett that plans had been reviewed by fire department and that an inspector is on site "to insure everything is installed according to the approved plans."

• Jan. 20, 2011

Email from Suprina Kennedy to Ed Dryden, Jack Hill, Rick Ripley and Stephen Lea:

"If you would like to meet 1/23, the majority of concerns have been addresses and we could review. I believe you'll see our progress and total compliance"

• Jan. 20, 2011

Email from Ed Dryden, City of Arlington to Jack Hill:

"The day of the event is 16 days away and some of these issues are significant and from our perspective there's not a great deal of progress we can see. I want to make sure there is a clear understanding of the city's expectations. That all of these items be corrected prior to day of the event." Ed Dryden

• Jan. 29, 2011

Emails from Suprina Kenney with Seating Solutions to Stephen Lea, City of Arlington:

"Hello, all,

We would like to request permission to store our forklifts and scissor lifts under bleachers. Without propane tanks of course. This will aid in our load out time.

Thanks for your consideration


• Jan. 29, 2011

City of Arlington The city responds:

Arlington city staffer email exchange. Ed Dryden writes to Stephen Lea.

"This seems to be in conflict with what we've previously stated.Even without propane there's still some flammable characteristics" Ed 

• Feb. 6, 2011

Email from Jim Parajon to Dryden: "Give me a call when you can?" 

• Feb. 6, 2011

Email from Dryden: "Looks like we may be here until noon. There's still no absolute finality on the seat count. I think that the Cowboys are not going to correct certain items and assume the risk. This is not a good situation!"

• Feb. 6, 2011

Email between Arlington City Staffers Jim Parajon to Ed Dryden (cc: Trey Yelvton):

"I spoke with Trey. He will probably be out this morning. I spoke to him about the deficiencies so he is generally up to speed. Bottom line is if it is not right, don't approve it"

• Feb. 6, 2011

Email from Ed Dryden to Jack Hill: (Regarding "Curves and Clubsmain concoursesouth side"

"I have a section by section list, but generally : 1.Handrails for risers and head clearance 2. Rear and side guards 3. Aisle guards for steps over 30" 4. Secure one bottom step "All marked with tape" Ed