Twitter users track down Miles Austin's secret Super Bowl party



Posted on January 17, 2011 at 3:43 PM

DALLAS — It might just be the first Super Bowl XLV party of the year.

Dallas Cowboys receiver Miles Austin invited 90,000 fans to meet him for football, food, and free tickets to the big game.

Didn't get the invitation? You must not be on Twitter.

The ones who are waited for hours in the drizzle in downtown Dallas on Sunday for a chance to meet their favorite football player.

Austin has been dropping hints about his party for weeks, promising a bash with food, drinks and Super Bowl tickets.

Followers just had to figure out the clues.

The first 400 people who showed up at the Iron Cactus got their chance to meet the Cowboys receiver, and Tani Chouteau won a pair of tickets to the big game.

But like the hundreds of Miles Austin followers, she was really there for another prize — a close encounter.

Austin said this is the first of his Super Bowl events. There will be more chances to get autographs and photos as the Super Bowl gets closer.

"I hang out at the house all the time, so any time I get the chance to hang out, it's always a good thing," he said.

You'll just have to follow his tweets to find out where the next soiree might be.

Tani Chaouteau says she is going to take one of her family members to the Super Bowl. If you follow her on Twitter, it looks like it's going to be her brother who gets to go.