Tony Romo survives chaotic night



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Posted on September 27, 2011 at 4:18 PM

Updated Tuesday, Sep 27 at 8:10 PM

ARLINGTON - When Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo took the field Monday night, he did it with the blessing of his new bride.

"She said, 'Are you kidding me? You're playing,'" Romo said after his gutsy performance against the Redskins. "We can't have a weak husband lying around the house here."
To help ease the pain in his rib cage, Romo didn't take just one pain killing injection, but two.
"Yeah, we went back in after the first one," Romo said. "It didn't work as much as you'd hope right away. That’s part of it."
Romo relied on his offensive line again and again, but they couldn't totally protect him from the defense.
He got hit more than a half-dozen times. The most painful may have been in the fourth quarter when he was blindsided.
"It hurt," Romo said. "It was part of taking a couple of hits, but it was the same thing last week."
There were times when Romo was in obvious pain, but he never gave up. He survived to finish the game.
Afterward, he said if you’re not injured, you get up and keep going.
"You prefer not to take those hits but they happen sometimes, especially when they're from your back side," Romo said.
He was an inspiration to his teammates.
"Just looking at guy like that, it makes you want to play hard," said Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant. "If you've got a broken leg, you want to get out there and play for a guy like that because, like I said, the way he's handling this, is great."
Not only was Tony's health an issue, but bad snaps added to the chaotic feeling of the night.
"[Center Phil] Costa said the [defensive] line kept calling out the snap count," Romo said. "We'll get that worked out and tell the league, if that's something that can be fixed, because you’re not supposed to be able to do that."
Costa didn't make excuses after the game.
"You've got to block out the defense,” Costa said.You've got to not hear what they're yelling and just hear the quarterback."
So how deep did Romo have to dig to play with a rib injury?
"We only get to do this 16 times a year really, 16 days out of 365," Romo said. "You want to be out there. You put so much time and effort in, if you can go, you go."
And to think, there are only 13 more regular season games to go.