Some say Cowboys faithful are losing faith in Bryant




Posted on July 17, 2012 at 10:41 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jul 17 at 11:22 PM

If you believed what you heard on sports talk radio Tuesday, Cowboys fans seem to be losing patience with Dez Bryant, a player whose career is far from blemish-free.

"You cannot put your hands on a woman — especially your mama," said Ian Fitzsimmons of ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM.

People were critical and candid — but not at all surprised to learn that Bryant's own mother called DeSoto police after he allegedly grabbed her, hit her, pulled her hair and ripped her clothing.

"We've said it — that trouble is always gonna find this guy," said Fitzsimmons' co-host Matt Mosley.

Bryant's mother, 37-year-old Angela Bryant, called 911 Saturday reporting an assault at the hands of her own son. She insinuated it wasn't the first time she had been subjected to such abuse.

"I can't keep letting him do this," she told a dispatcher. "I'm putting an end to this today."

Bryant's attorney, State Sen. Royce West, said Tuesday what happened is a family matter. He reiterated that Dez "loves his mother, has provided for his family, and will continue to provide for them."

At the Genesis Women's Shelter in Dallas, executive director Jan Langbein said people sometimes don't realize that domestic violence isn't always between a husband and wife.

"I think a lot of people, when they think of family violence, only think it happens in a certain part of town, or within a certain ethnicity, or to a certain economic group," Langbein said. "But we do know family violence is what we refer to as an 'equal opportunity epidemic' — it knows no boundaries."

Bryant has been accused of breaking a dress code at a Dallas mall, sued for outstanding debts, and was questioned by Miami police about a bar fight.

Mosley and Fitzsimmons said it seems the Cowboys faithful are losing faith.

"When it's your mom, then I think that speaks to people trying to get their arms around exactly what we're dealing with here," Mosley said.