Hansen Unplugged: Romo a very good QB in a town used to great ones




Posted on March 29, 2013 at 10:39 PM

Updated Thursday, Feb 13 at 6:15 PM

Romo's new contract: Good idea or bad idea?

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo becoming the highest-paid player in Cowboys history isn't the big deal to me some people seem to think it is.

Almost everybody, in every walk of life, makes more money now than those who came before 'em did -- it doesn't mean they're better.

Romo's not as good as Troy Aikman was. Not as good as Roger Staubach, or Don Meredith either. I'm not convinced he's better than Danny White... and you all know how bad you thought Danny White was.

The numbers Romo puts up are incredible, but in this league, with the rules they play by now,  even the humble Staubach has said he and Drew Pearson could have put up numbers nobody could reach.

Romo is not as good as some people think he is. He is nowhere near as bad as some people think he is, either.

He's a very good quarterback in a league designed for quarterbacks, and he plays for a team and an owner that has overpaid for talent before, and maybe he has again.

But you can't blame Romo for taking the money.

The Cowboys had no choice -- none. A good quarterback is hard to find in this league, a great one even harder, and it's almost impossible to win without a quarterback.

Romo's biggest problem is he plays on a team that has had two great ones, and he benefits a great deal financially, because he plays on a team that has seen what happens when they don't even have a good one.

Romo is being paid now like one of the very best quarterbacks in the league, and the Cowboys can only hope now, he finally plays like one.

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