Garrett surprised when Brent shows up on sidelines

Josh Brent

Credit: WFAA

Josh Brent, the Cowboys nose tackle who is facing an intoxication manslaughter charge, returned to the Dallas sidelines on Sunday, December 16.



Posted on December 17, 2012 at 10:34 PM

Updated Monday, Dec 17 at 10:36 PM

Should Josh Brent have been on the sidelines for Sunday's game?

IRVING — Dallas Cowboys player Josh Brent has a new court hearing on Tuesday, and he could leave there sporting an ankle monitor.

Prosecutors want to know where he is as he faces an intoxication manslaughter charge in the death of teammate Jerry Brown Jr.

We are hearing more from the Cowboys about Brent's most recent appearance. Owner Jerry Jones told News 8 on Sunday the team wanted him on the sidelines of Sunday's game against the Steelers.

But head coach Jason Garrett said Monday it was a total surprise to him.

"The players really took that upon themselves to say, 'Hey Josh, you need to be here at this game,' and that was something that they felt was really, really important." Garrett said. "They encouraged him to do that."

Garrett emphasized that the Cowboys do not condone drunk driving, but they are supporting a member of their family who made a mistake.