Tourist Tip: Don't Pass the Carriage

Dale Hansen

Credit: WFAA

Dale Hansen reports from Dallas Cowboys training camp in San Antonio.


by Dale Hansen

Posted on July 29, 2011 at 12:55 PM

Updated Monday, Jul 23 at 3:16 PM

Tourist Tip: DON'T PASS THE CARRIAGE  !!!!   

i'm not saying i shouldn't have known better   ...   but since we were basically lost in downtown san antonio and in a hurry to get to the player's hotel for our sportscast last night  - i passed the horse drawn carriage and now i'm out $162.00
oh it could have been so much worse   ... 
a policeman was on a bike with flashing lights   ...  lights i didn't see by the way  ...   IT WAS A BIKE   ...   and as i'm turning left at the intersection i almost knocked that cop off the bike   ...   he starts yelling  ...  but as i always do   ...   i remained calm  -   no more blow ups for me
the officer says i passed on a double yellow line   ...   and says there's a sign on the carriage not to pass   ...  but i couldn't see it because i had to pass the car in front of me 1st   ...   and what yellow line ?    have you seen the san antonio streets   ??    there's a yellow line on every street  !!!
but i think i know now why jim bowie and his band of brothers held the alamo so long   ...   santa anna's army couldn't find the place  ...  they probably got stuck behind the ford dealership   ...   ran into the back of the crockett hotel   ...  ended up on a 1 way street   ...  and they knew NOT TO PASS THE CARRIAGE
now i do too   ...   for $162.00  ...  but a little creative expense reporting  ...   and it'll all work out just fine