Dale Hansen says goodbye to friend Joe Avezzano




Posted on April 5, 2012 at 10:38 PM

I'm having a hard time believing that I won't be hearing any more from Joe Avezzano.

I had set aside two-and-a-half days to hear the stories of his coaching in Italy, which I knew would bore me to tears.

But his death in Italy brought me to tears instead.

I didn't like Joe Avezzano - I loved Joe Avezzano. His huge ego was almost as big as his heart, which finally failed this morning.

The incredible passion that you saw on the Cowboys sideline for so many years was matched by his passion for music.

He convinced me a couple of years ago to let him sing at my backyard party in Waxahachie. He shows up with a five-piece band in a tour bus. He sang for 30 minutes, then did an encore that lasted almost as long.

And it would have been incredible... if only the man could sing.

It didn't matter to me if he could or not, I just wanted to be around Joe Avezzano as much as I could. Because I love people who live life the way he did. Who love life as much as he did. And who made my life, and so many others, a little bit better.

The world's a quieter place tonight, and I don't like it this way. I don't like it this way at all.

My friend, Joe Avezzano, sleeps with angels tonight.

And I hope they let him sing.