Dale Hansen on the next Cowboys coach




Posted on January 3, 2011 at 1:29 AM

Updated Monday, Jan 3 at 1:30 AM

A couple of network reports Sunday morning said that Jason Garrett will be the Cowboys head coach next year, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says those reports are wrong.

Well, there you go then.

Anybody besides Tony Siragusa believe Jones?

I said two months ago that Garrett would be the Cowboys head coach, and nothing in the two months since has changed my opinion about that.

It does bother me a great deal, though, that the Cowboys owner and general manager doesn't know now what I knew in November.

Here's the real problem, and we've seen it too many times.

Jones said the other day the loss in Arizona last week was the most disappointing loss he's ever had as the Cowboys owner.

His team has lost an NFC championship game; has lost a playoff game at home when they had the NFL's best record and to a team they had already beaten twice that year.

And a Christmas night loss in Arizona... because of a missed extra point by his 5-9 team with a quarterback who had never played... that's the most disappointing loss he's ever had?

May God help us all.

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