Big 12 coaches weigh in on Penn State sanctions



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Posted on July 24, 2012 at 2:34 AM

Updated Tuesday, Jul 24 at 2:36 AM

DALLAS — News of the Penn State sanctions spread quickly at a North Dallas hotel where Big 12 coaches are conducting their annual media blitz to promote the upcoming football season.

But not all the coaches were ready to weigh in on the action taken by the NCAA.

"No, no, no; it’s not the time or place," said Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder.

But others — like TCU head coach Gary Patterson, who's attending his first Big 12 media session — were more than willing to address the topic.

Patterson said his foundation is committed to helping kids and finding answers.

"We've got to talk about the positives," Patterson said. "We've got to go out and find an answer. It’s not just a problem that happened to Penn State. It’s a problem that happens — it's a world problem. So I’m going to find an answer. That's why I have a foundation, and I’m in the business of kids, so we've got find an answer."

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops was more reserved.

"It’s too big for me to speak on," Stoops said. "To me, my only word all along is that it’s absolutely tragic, this whole thing. There aren't any words for me to say to explain it. And I’m removed to a degree, so it’s just incredibly sad all around."

"What's taken place up there needs to play out in the legal system in the courts, and what happens to that [is] the consequences that go along with that happens next," said Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads. "It's certainly a loud exclamation point that right is right and wrong is wrong, and wrong is not going to be tolerated."

Bob Bowlsby, who became the commissioner of the Big 12 this month, said the swift action by the NCAA sent a strong message.

"They're transformative," Bowlsby said. "I don't presume to know all the details, but just what I've heard about it, it’s very significant. I think it’s intended to send a message. Having said that, I don't know if we're going to have — or at least I hope we don't have other similar situations to the Penn State situation anytime soon."

Bowlsby said there is lot more good in intercollegiate athletics than there is bad, and that's something folks should not forget.