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Football players hoping to make movie



Posted on September 13, 2012 at 11:13 AM

Football players in Southlake ran 40-yard dashes and agility drills, hoping not to make a football team. They're hoping to make a movie.

The movie "One Heart" began with a football game in 2008. Grapevine Faith played Gainesville State School -- a maximum security juvenile facility. Because of what they were, Gainesville's football team always played on the road, and never knew what it felt like to play a home game. At the '08 game in Grapevine, fans and cheerleaders from Faith cheered on Gainesville's side, giving those players an experience they never had. It's become an annual game called the "One Heart Bowl."

The story went national and then became a book, and on October 4th, filming begins for the movie.

"It's very important that we're able to fill roles, players that look like high school football players," said Steve Riach, screenwriter and producer for "One Heart." "Some of them will look like players who played for Faith. I mean, there might be a 205-pound offensive lineman."

Former Cowboys offensive lineman Marc Colombo was there to coach the prospective players through drills, and hopes to be cast as an assistant coach in the movie.

"I've been associated with this organization for charity reasons," said Colombo. "And I asked, Hey there might be a part for me in the film? And they said 'maybe.'"

Among the players hoping to be cast is Dion Kearney from New Jersey. He heard about the tryout from a friend and watched the seven-minute video on the One Heart website "10 to 15 times," he said. His grandmother scraped together just enough money for a plane ticket. Kearney flew into DFW Saturday, walked from the airport to a hotel where he planned to sleep outside until someone heard his story and got him a room.

"The story itself so moving and inspirational I thought I had to be a part of it," said Kearney. "My main thing was, I had everything to lose, but everything to prove as well."

Now Kearney hopes to write his own Hollywood ending and be a part of this movie.

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