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What is the Cowboys' biggest weakness right now?

What is the Cowboys' biggest weakness right now?

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Danny Coale doesn't seem like a bad pick, but the addition of the fifth rounder isn't enough to address a real lack of depth at Wide Receiver ( Photo by Layne Murdoch/Getty Images).


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Posted on May 10, 2012 at 11:04 AM

Updated Thursday, May 10 at 11:07 AM


The Offensive line is still a huge concern for me, but the biggest area of concern is at wide receiver.  Miles Austin and Dez Bryant have already proven they aren't tough or durable  enough to handle a 16 game season.  It's pretty much inevitable that they will miss some time at some point, or will at least  play at less than 100% at some point in the season. 
After Laurent Robinson jetted to Jacksonville during the offseason, I thought the Cowboys would try to find someone to stabilize the #3 wideout position.  We'll just have to see where 5th round pick Danny Coale fits into this mix, but I don't see him immediately producing at a rate that would replace Robinson's production.  Maybe Dallas can find a veteran WR this summer, but as of right now Wide Receiver is a scary roster spot if Miles Austin or Dez Bryant should get injured for any amount of time.
The pass rush. I still see nobody outside of DeMarcus Ware who can consistently get pressure on the quarterback. Now, maybe Rob Ryan feels more comfortable using his enormous binder of exotic blitz packages this year now that the team's secondary has improved. But from a pure skill set angle they lack a real complement to Ware.
Asking a franchise to both fix the secondary and “oh, by the way -- remedy that whole lack of pass rush thing too while you’re at it” places a huge burden on the offseason. But that’s how the cookie crumbles. If they’re lucky they might have found an edge rusher in Crawford or Wilber. They'll likely also try to snag some cap casualties. The pass rush needs some work, despite the fact that it's now your highest-paid collective position.
The same one that’s been there since 2004: Safety.
Jerry spoke of how this team budgets big for corners, which makes me think they consider safety an area they can skimp on with a litany of bargain bin signings. That was most recently evidenced by the newly-signed Brodney Pool
The results continue to prove otherwise. Even the best corners inevitably get beat and need the occasional assist over the top; Dallas hasn’t had a player to provide one since Darren Woodson retired eight years ago.  Mark my words – even with the ramped up cornerback position, it’s going to cost the Cowboys more than one huge score this season.
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