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A fresh look at football



Posted on September 21, 2012 at 10:32 PM

Updated Friday, Sep 21 at 10:46 PM

Last month at Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, head coach Jason Garrett brought up this hypothetical situation:

"If someone came up here, say from Germany and Japan, and maybe it's a guy from Mars, and watched our team play, and they've never seen football before, they should know what we're all about."

We can't replicate that exact scenario, but we can come close. A TCU exchange student from Denmark, the country just north of Germany, watched her first American football game a couple weeks ago.

"I knew when you get touchdown and all that," said Linda Raabjerg, who speaks very good English, albeit with a fairly heavy accent. "The system, I really don't understand it. After this semester I hope I will understand more of it."

TCU beat Grambling 52-0 in that game. This week, the Frogs play a home game against Virginia. Linda's parents are visiting from Denmark, and on Saturday, they'll get their first look at American football. Curious to get their impressions of American football in general, we showed them some highlights from other TCU games.

Among the comments Linda translated for us was this one: "They don't think their are any rules." To her parents, some of the tackling looked like fighting.

On Saturday, the Raabjergs will be in this stadium with 45,000 football fans, and that in itself will be a brand new experience.

"A very special feeling, because it's so big," Linda said. "This stadium is bigger than the biggest stadium we have in Denmark. There are so many people and all the fans, and everything is purple!"