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Dale Hansen: The voice of reason

Dale Hansen

Credit: WFAA

by Dale Hansen

Posted on September 18, 2012 at 2:55 PM

Updated Tuesday, Sep 18 at 3:01 PM

Now it’s not easy to be the voice of reason when it comes to the cowboys   ---   but since I always have been  --   it’s time for a little review

I keep hearing and reading the cowboys weren’t ready to play in seattle on Sunday  --  coaches had a lousy game plan  -  there was no passion on that cowboys sideline  - they were flat   ….   I’ve been following this cowboys team 32 years now   ---   and the next time the cowboys are fired up with a good game plan and LOSE   ------    will be the 1st time -- But then it has been only 32 years
ALL LOSING TEAMS LOOK BAD -- ALWAYS HAVE ALWAYS WILL    --  but cowboys fans    --  and maybe all fans seem to think their team only loses when there’s somebody to blame   -    how about this ??    SOMETIMES YOU’RE JUST NOT VERY GOOD
Since the start of the ’97 season   …..  The cowboys are 121 -  121   ….   A 500 team for 15 years and 2 games now   …..    and I’m supposed to expect perfection from that group?  why ?
But the bigger issue here is simply this   -     the patriots lost at home to Arizona on Sunday   …   washington led st louis 21-6 and the rams    --  THE RAMS --  came back to win   --  and Washington loses 2 starters on defense along the way  -- a defense that has already given up 63 points in 2 games   -   tampa bay leads the giants by 11 in the 4th   ..  lose by 8    and denver quarterback peyton manning threw 3 interceptions in the 1st quarter on Monday night 
must be the play calling   -    could be he’s not trying  -   did he have his hat on backwards ??
my point is simply this   -   there are no GREAT teams anymore   …    teams that we can count on from week to week to play like we know they can   -    those days are gone and maybe that’s not all bad     ------     but it was a horrible game in seattle   …   and I do hate to be the one to break this to you   …   but I’m thinking they will lose again before this year’s done   --   and it won’t be because they weren’t trying or they were flat or jason garrett called the wrong plays or any of the other nonsense that I’m hearing now
It will be because they are a 500 team trying to get better   …..    and they’re not there yet    ---   but it does beg the question
What is more embarrassing to this organization   ??   ---   losing in seattle the way they did   …    or those jerry jones pizza commercials  ????       I choose pizza
Which is why I am THE VOICE OF REASON

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