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Style points do matter

Hansen Unplugged

Credit: WFAA


Posted on November 22, 2012 at 10:30 PM

Updated Thursday, Nov 22 at 10:34 PM

Now can we agree that style points matter ?    how you win and how you play is ALMOST as important as the win itself    …    because it WILL determine how many more wins are coming    -   and the cowboys game with Washington proves my point
Cowboys win a game Sunday against Cleveland they didn’t deserve to win    …   played a horrible game   …   but since the browns are even worse they managed to steal it in overtime  …   and then I hear   “HEY IT’S A WIN  --  CELEBRATE THE WIN  --   COWBOYS ARE 5 AND 5   --   STYLE POINTS DON’T MATTER  --  BE HAPPY”
Well who’s happy now ?
A team that has too many players who apparently can’t count to 3   --    the illegal motions resulting in field goals instead of touchdowns   -  and it happens all the time   …   a defense that can’t make a play when it really needs one   --   despite a defensive coordinator who will tell you “we will win the game”    ….     A special teams unit that has too many men on the field too many times   …    which now that I think about it happens on some of the other cowboys units too   --    and a quarterback who I do think is playing a little shorthanded sometimes   -   but 1 who continues to “try and make something happen”
The next time someone says “I was trying to make something happen”    --   and something GOOD happened   -    will be the 1st time
Now I will say this   -     if you believe the cowboys are an inferior team with inferior talent   -    if you believe they are a group who should win no more than 7 or 8 games   …    then style points wouldn’t matter and you should celebrate a win
But I still argue   …   this cowboys team has enough talent  -     not all the super bowl talent the esteemed general manager and owner keeps saying they have  -   but enough  ---    go through the roster and compare the talent with MOST nfl teams   …    player by player  --    and I will argue the cowboys have enough good ones to win in this league
A league where the little things separate the winners and losers   -    almost all  games come down to a play or a penalty or a turnover  -  and the good teams that win make those plays by not making mistakes
This cowboys team doesn’t
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