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Hansen: BCS doesn't need the 'C'

Dale Hansen

Credit: WFAA



Posted on December 2, 2012 at 11:18 PM

Updated Sunday, Dec 2 at 11:37 PM

I’ve been a fan   -  well maybe not a fan - but a supporter of the college football bowl system  --  BUT NOT ANYMORE …  I am officially done   …   this is 1 incredibly stupid system the bcs has in place   …    now I’m not the 1st to say it   …   but the bcs should drop the c   …   because it is you know
Northern Illinois will play in the orange bowl  …   are you  #$@@##!@##@! Kidding me ?   northern Illinois gets a trip to miami and there’s no room for Oklahoma and no room for George either   …    what kind of a system is that ?
I’m not defending Oklahoma although I could   --   but I will defend Georgia   -   let me see if I have this straight   …  they play in the sec championship game  …   lose by 4 because they manage the clock at the end of the game like jason garrett and the cowboys do  ---   so florida gets the sugar bowl bid in New Orleans    --   and Georgia goes to Orlando to play Nebraska 
well I guess they get some reward anyway    ---    but florida gets the big game and the big money and they weren’t good enough to play in the sec championship game   …    but they jump Georgia because they lose by 4 to the team I think wins the national title  -   really ??   that’s your system
And northern Illinois plays in the orange bowl   ….   I still can’t understand that  - any team that has a direction in the name is a bad team  -  and southern cal is only the exception that proves the rule    -     their coach doesn’t even like northern Illinois  -  he leaves for nc state 
maybe it was their 1 point win over army   …   their 7 point win over Kansas   …  their win over ut martin   -  I have no idea who or where that is   …   they did beat ball state and buffalo  …   beat Toledo too   …    and a double overtime win over kent state  …  and kent state’s only famous to those of us old enough to remember why
It is absolutely stupid   -     and I apologize for my previous support   -  I’m done now   ….   Bring on the playoff system we all know we should have done years ago
Sorry Tim Cowlishaw   ….   You’re on your own now
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