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A Choker's delight

Dale Hansen

Credit: WFAA



Posted on October 1, 2012 at 10:00 PM

Updated Monday, Oct 1 at 11:02 PM

        Sunday afternoon in front of the tv in Waxahachie   …   was just about as good as my tv days go  -   except when I’m watching the world series of poker of course   -    I wish I could think of the things Norman Chad does

         Watching the rangers blow a lead in the 9th to lose to the angels   …    followed by jim furyk throwing up at medinah   ---  to the rangers comeback win against that same angels team at night was tremendous theatre
        Athletes don’t like the choke word   -   but how else can you explain what has been happening to Jim Furyk this year   …   he did it at the us open   …  and he did it again yesterday   ….   He had some others joining him   ..   steve stricker’s chip on 17 was a thing of beauty  -     but at the same time   …    I think the European team deserves a great deal of credit for winning
I don’t understand rangers fans anymore   …   I had a dozen emails complaining they choked  …   they’re prima donnas who think they’re entitled   …  who just don’t have what it takes to be a winner  ----     are you kidding me ?
        You lose that 1st  game the way they did  -    oh and by the way  -     send me the list of every closer with a perfect record and has never blown a save  -    I’ll wait   -  and while you’re putting that list together   …    you’re down 4 after the top of the 1st and you come back to win  -     and you’re a choking prima donna ??
       Not by my definition you’re not   …   I’ve said this before   ….   But apparently you haven’t been paying attention  -     I absolutely believe 1 of the rangers biggest problems is dealing with fans who have only a football mentality   -     fans expect their favorite football team to win every week   -    and at the very least  -   they’re entitled to feel that way 
…    but the best baseball team in the majors is going to lose 60 to 65 games a year   ….   And it’s the same stupid argument in the playoffs   …   every time the rangers lose a playoff game we have to dissect it like it means something   -     here’s what it means
      IT’S BASEBALL   ..   sometimes you win  …  sometimes you lose   ….    And we’ll add it up at the end and see how you did
      A rangers team that couldn’t win ANYTHING for 37 years   ….     And I’m supposed to be upset joe Nathan blew his 3rd save of the year ??    against an angels team that spent millions to buy a pennant    ….     
     AND WILL BE WATCHING THE RANGERS IN THE PLAYOFFS    -    it’s great theatre
     Enjoy the ride
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