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Joseph's Rangers thoughts: The Red Sox series (8/10)

Joseph's Rangers thoughts: The Red Sox series (8/10)

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BOSTON, MA - AUGUST 8: Geovany Soto #8 of the Texas Rangers shakes hands with Joe Nathan #36 after defeating the the Boston Red Sox.10-9. at Fenway Park August 8, 2012 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)


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Posted on August 10, 2012 at 12:31 AM

  • Quick, don't go look here. Or here. Or here. And last but not least, don't look here.

What you are not looking at are the Texas Rangers' offensive statistics this season, sorted by wRC+, wOBA, fWAR, and batting average (in that order). The reason you are not looking at them is the man who is 3rd, 3rd, 5th, and 1st on each list, respectively, Craig Gentry, has received three plate appearances this month. You'll also not want to notice the man who is second to last, second to last, last, and fifth from last in each of the respective leaderboards, who has received 36 PA's this month.


  • Adam J. Morris of (and marriage smasher extraordinaire) tweeted a very good question: If the team has established a meritocracy, where performance is rewarded at the cost of non-performers' status on the team (Oswalt to the 'pen while Feldman starts, Torrealba DFA'ed, Napoli sitting while Soto is on the tear he's on), how does Micheal Young keep starting every day? The team would be (should be) facing a credibility crunch, fueled by the media, in this regard. But Mike Young has some magic force field around him, where the central media figures simply won't point out there Emperor is naked.

Or maybe Evan Grant just doesn't want to make himself look bad for voting Mike Young as MVP last year. (Also, his criticism of WAR- 'There's no standardization!' - is terrible. One of the strengths of WAR is it's flexibility. You can valuate different metrics different ways. You can weigh certain factors more heavily than others. You can focus on certain situations more. Basically, Evan Grant could have modified's or Fangraph's WAR formula himself and made the argument he makes in that article, for Micheal Young, using it, but let's have realistic expectations.)


  • It amazes me that Roy Oswalt pitches two incredible innings and people get mad at him, then allows four runs out of eight batters faced, and there's no heat. Do we place higher expectations, as a fandom, on how players act, rather than how they perform? Because I'll take the biggest jerk in the world if he plays like Barry Bonds (and, conveniently, Barry Bonds was one of the biggest jerks in the world).


  • Will Middlebrooks posted WPAs of .18 and .22 in consecutive games that the Red Sox lost in this series. I'd feel sorry for him, but he just posted WPAs of .18 and .22 against my team in consecutive games, so we're not friends right now to say the least.


  • Did this cortisone injection in Joe Nathan's shoulder sneak up on anyone else? It seems like it was just mentioned in passing afterthoughts, which would be weird if it was true, because a cortisone injection in a shoulder is not small thing to a pitcher, and Joe Nathan is no small pitcher to this pitching staff.


  • Trust Yu. He'll be better. Trust me.


  • A name that should be on your radar is Wilmer Font. Font, like Martin Perez, is a prospect who's been around forever (signed in 2006, started pitching stateside in 2007) but is only 22-years-and-two-months old. He had Tommy John surgery last year, and came back pretty strong as a starter in Hi-A this year. Then, as an innings management move, the team moved him to the bullpen -- where a striking monster has emerged. Since converting over to relief, he's faced 30 batters, struck out 16 of them, allowed one walk and one hit batter, and two hits (both of which came in his AA debut). Font's always been viewed as a possible starter, but likely reliever, so this stretch of dominance should reinforce that.


  • Rougned Odor did not win Minor League Moniker Madness 2012. Oh well. He'll go on being an 18-year-old middle infielder while Roderick Shoulders (the guy who beat him) will go on being a 20-year-old first baseman. At a lower level than Odor. And fewer homers than Odor. And (I get this directly from a scout) much, much less 'SWAG' than Odor. I'm not sure exactly what SWAG is, must be some new sabremetric thing I haven't keyed into yet.


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