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Women at Augusta

Dale Hansen

Credit: WFAA

by Dale Hansen

Posted on August 22, 2012 at 5:03 PM

Updated Thursday, Aug 23 at 2:12 PM


Now I’m not gonna drive off a cliff here  --   at least I hope not  --    but women at augusta is a uhhhhhhhhhhhh  …   interesting issue
Arnold Palmer says it’s a good thing  …  and I never disagree with Arnold Palmer  …    but a couple of points  -    while I do think Martha Burke was and is an idiot   …   and while I do think not admitting members to your club because of their race or gender is morally reprehensible   ….  In the words of the great Chris Rock   …   “I UNDERSTAND”
There’s a part of me   …  albeit a small part   …  but a part of me that thinks any “club” should have the right to decide who the “members” are  -- not a public restaurant  …   not a school   -- not a bar  …    but a “club” choosing to expose their social ignorance doesn’t bother me as much as it probably should  ----
Do I not have the right in America to associate with people who think and act like I do  …. ??   I would never join a club of any kind that decides their membership on race   ---  and the golf courses I have joined it’s always my 1st question  …   well maybe the 2nd  …    had to ask how much 1st  ---      but when I run for president I didn’t want somebody bringing up that I played golf at an all white club and I don’t
But women ???    okay I’m a male chauvinist pig   …  --   but sometimes  -   I’m just saying  --  sometimes it “bothers” me that I have to change my “behavior” because there are women around   --     and if I’m paying for that purpose   ---   as bad as that purpose may well be   --    does that really make me Rush Limbaugh  ?????
Condoleeza Rice gets to be a member at Augusta   ….   She gets to play where the legends have played   …   she gets to play where I have always dreamed of playing   ….    I told Byron Nelson one time  --   TRUE STORY ALERT  --    I told Mr Nelson if I could find someone or knew someone who could get me on Augusta I would do ANYTHING for that man  ---  ANYTHING
Nelson looks at me and says  …   “Dale  -   it’s gonna be real hard for you to ever play Augusta”
I shoulda been a woman
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