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Q&A with Roy's mom

Q&A with Roy's mom

Credit: AP

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Roy E. Williams (11) looks for a penalty flag on a reception-attempt as Oakland Raiders cornerback Tyvon Branch (33) looks on in the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 26, 2009, in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/Mike Stone)

by Arnold Payne / WFAA Sports

Posted on December 11, 2009 at 2:25 PM

The apple that doesn’t fall very far from the tree…that’s an understatement when it comes to Dallas Cowboys receiver Roy Williams and one of his faithful and loyal followers, his mom.


I recently had an opportunity to visit with Chris Hill and she shared her personal feelings on various subjects concerning her son.



What are your thoughts on the Giants game?

I thought the team played a good game with the exception of a few big plays that hurt them. Roy had a good game but I don’t think that he and Romo have worked out all of the kinks yet.”



Does it trouble you when you hear the criticism directed at Roy concerning his play on the field? 

It doesn’t really bother me in the least, nor does it trouble him. People really don’t know Roy and the person behind that face mask. Roy is a quiet person who is not going to rock the boat, so to speak. I tell him all of the time; ‘put God first in your life.’ Roy is going to bite his lip before throwing someone else under the bus. That’s just the person that he is. Roy is not jealous of any other teammate, all he wants to do is win football games. Success breads confidence, the more that he and Romo can find that on field chemistry, the better success both will have. At this point I don’t feel as though the comfort level is there.”



Has Roy discussed his frustrations with you?

“Sure, I’m his mother, what son wouldn’t. I simply tell him to put his trust in God and everything will eventually work itself out. Roy is a person of strong faith, he often talks to his pastor before taking the field on game day. Actually Roy is extremely close to his brother Lloyd. Lloyd himself was a football icon back in Odessa and later at Texas Tech. Lloyd and Roy are always discussing the games, Roy welcomes his brothers coaching tips.”



Were you happy when Roy was traded to the Cowboys? 

“Most certainly, it’s great to have my boys in one place. I’ll tell you just what Roy often reminds me, he could still be in Detroit.”


Any special childhood memory of yours that gave you reason to believe that Roy would one day be playing in the NFL?

“Yes, for his 5th birthday we bought him a Dallas Cowboy’s football outfit and he thought then that he was already in the NFL.  Actually since Roy played in pop warner, I knew that he had a passion for the game. Roy and his brother Lloyd were always competitive with one another. Roy went on to break many records set by his brother at Texas Tech but Lloyd was happy that his brother was the one to do so.”



Do you constantly worry about the brutality of the game?

“I find myself holding my breath not only for Roy but any other player that goes down with an injury on the field. I think my biggest scare came after a phone call that I received following an incident pertaining to Roy when he was still with the Detroit Lions. The Lions were on the road playing in Green Bay. I was told that the team plane had to return after takeoff because Roy had a bad asthma attack. The plane returned and he was taken off of the plane, treated and stabilized.”


What would you say Roy is most proud of?

Most certainly his two kids, Dallas and Jordan. He named his daughter Dallas Michelle because Dallas was the team that rescued him from Detroit and Michelle is the name of the “first lady”, Michelle Obama. Jordan Isiah was named obviously after Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas.