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Poteet baseball team dominates district


Posted on April 7, 2011 at 4:21 PM

Mesquite Poteet hasn't lost a district game since 2007, but head coach Bobby Doe said that no one really recognized the winning streak until last year.

"Probably about midway through," said Doe, about when they started to figure out how many consecutive district games they'd won. "It was kind of a surprise to me -- kind of down played it. Didn't really realize it at the time."

Poteet has lost other games, but in district play, it's now a 53-game winning streak. It began when the seniors on this team were in 8th grade.

"Shoot we saw some of the players from previous years come up in the stands and watch us, give us support," said senior center fielder Arrington Alexander.

"It means a lot to us right now and to all the people behind us," said senior second baseman Tony DeLeon, "because all the people behind us worked so hard to get us where we are now."

The Pirates have won most of their district games this year by 10 runs or more, and if they win out this season they can get to 60. They had one close call: a 1-0 win over Corsicana. That was win number 48.

"It was a battling match," said first baseman and pitcher Blake Griffin. "Our pitcher Chad did good. Their guy did real good. It was back and forth, back and forth. It was a real good game. It was close."

When Poteet won its 50th straight game, the team celebrated the milestone by presenting coach Doe with a plaque, and by dumping water on him. And if you know anything about coach Doe -- he's not the kind of guy you dump water on.

Alexander admitted as much. "I ain't going to lie. Some of us, we were kind of scared."

DeLeon revealed that the real culprit was football coach Randy Jackson. "See coach Jackson, he told us that, if we didn't do it, then we didn't have ..." Here Tony is laughing while searching for the right way to say it. "Pretty much courage, in other words."

Griffin added, "We're sitting there debating whether he'd make us run or not, but we said, Let's risk it, it'll be worth it."

Coach Doe admitted that his players got him good. "They got me. I wasn't really expecting it, but they did a pretty good job with it."

It was certainly unexpected, and it may take another 50 wins before they try it again.