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Old Man Syndrome

Hansen Unplugged

Credit: WFAA

by Dale Hansen

Posted on November 12, 2012 at 9:58 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 12 at 9:59 PM

I never thought I’d see the day when I would say this  -  THE NFL ACTUALLY BORES ME  --    it is such a lousy league I don’t think anybody can play this game anymore   -   the lovely mrs Hansen asked me Sunday morning who was the great team in the nfl this year  --  I said there isn’t 1
Now I know the league didn’t have 17 great teams when I was younger   …   but at least we had some   …   49’ers ...  steelers …  vikings  …  oilers   …  dolphins  …  broncos  …   raiders  …  colts  …  it’s a long list   ---   and for those of you too young to remember ... THE DALLAS COWBOYS    --   and there’s not a team in this league that compares to any of ‘em  --   not 1
A friend of mine says it’s a slot machine league   -   every week you just pull the handle and see who gets the cherries or bars or whatever it is slot machines do   --   but this ?   this is just getting stupid   --  and boring
The 1st place 49’ers play the last place rams to a tie  --  IN SAN FRANCISCO  --  and a tie only because a field goal the rams made to win was wiped out by   …  get ready  …    DELAY OF GAME  !!!!      the rams couldn’t line up to kick a field goal to win before the play clock ran out   --   HOW BAD DO YOU HAVE TO BE ???
The giants   -   who are supposed to be the class of the nfc   -  at least the nfc east  -   lose to the Bengals 31-13   …   the Bengals   …   the franchise the cowboys are modeled after   ….    I said last week the cowboys are the Bengals now     -   except the cowboys can’t beat the giants  --   who knew the Bengals were better ?
Which brings me to my final rant   ….   I’m asked how excited cowboys fans should be about a win in Philadelphia  -   and I really don’t want to rain on your parade  -   I really don’t  ..  but excited about beating the eagles back-ups  ?   is that what it has come to now ?
Quarterback Michael Vick leaves early with a concussion   …   his back-up Nick Foles had never played an nfl game   ….   August doesn’t count   --    and the eagles gain 369 yards on that cowboys defense   -   a defense that helped ‘em time and time again with so many stupid penalties
13 cowboys penalties in that philadelphia game   ….     Now espn’s Randy Galloway says any win in the nfl is a good win   …   style points don’t matter to him anymore    -    there was a day when they did   ….    But for some reason not anymore
I’m thinking he’s the 1 with OLD MAN SYNDROME   ….   I’m still just the voice of reason   --   and a bored one at that
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