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Football family feud



Posted on November 18, 2011 at 3:53 PM

Updated Friday, Nov 18 at 7:34 PM

Mesquite assistant coach John Hill is preparing for the second round of the playoffs, and if it were a normal week, he could talk about the game with his son, who is a senior linebacker.

"Usually we talk about game-planning, and what his team is doing for the week, and what my team is doing for the week," said John Hill, Mesquite's outside linebackers coach. "But this week, there hasn't been much conversation."

Hill's oldest son Marcus is a senior outside linebacker at Garland, and Garland plays Mesquite Friday night at Cowboys Stadium. We went to the Hill household to talk with the person who is stuck in the middle.

Leah Hill greeted us at the front door, "Welcome to a house divided!"

Marcus' mother and John's wife invited us into her home wearing a Mesquite cap and a Garland t-shirt. Dad and son have never played against each other before this week. Family dinner has been put on hold.

"Oh dinner is separate rooms now," said Marcus, who is a senior at Garland. "Dinner is separate rooms -- I'm in my room, he's in his."

Where the Hill family sees turmoil, the head coaches see opportunity, and both took a shot and getting some information on the opponent.

"I said, Hey now, loose lips sink ships, but it's OK now if you can pry some information out of your dad," said Garland head coach Jeff Jordan. "Just make sure you don't give him anything."

Mesquite head coach Robbie Robinson said he talked to his assistant about getting some information from the Garland side. "Yeah that is what he was assigned to do," said Robinson, "but he told us Marcus kind of stone-walled him on Saturday or Sunday night, so we lost that edge real quick."

"I asked him something early in the week and he kind of shot me down early in the week," said John Hill. "So I pretty much left him alone this week."

Leah Hill says that during the game, she will find a seat in the end zone, safely between both sides.

"I think I can easily root for both," she said. "But when Marcus is on defense, it's all about my baby. I'm sorry -- it's all about my baby."

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