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Dale 'Don't Change What I Write' Hansen

Hansen on Hamilton

Credit: WFAA



Posted on April 29, 2012 at 3:29 PM

Updated Monday, May 14 at 4:57 PM

I have been resisting writing this “blog” because I don’t and can’t write in a typical style   -    I write for tv  -   not print  -    big difference

…..    I don’t know where paragraphs begin and end   -    why we use comma’s   ……    and I don’t use 1 period  -   I use a lot of ‘em
I could probably have somebody clean it up for me  ….   But I wrote a column for the morning news 1 time   …   they changed the words and ruined the joke   …   I don’t like people messing with my words
But if you’re willing to try and understand the way I write   …   I don’t think you’ll have much problem figuring out what is is I’m trying to say   …  and that brings me to the latest cowboys “stuff”
The assistant player personnel director  …  the man in charge of finding the players they need to win again   …    tom ciskowski  -   says THEY DON’T HAVE ANY HOLES on this cowboys team   ….     Are you #$@@$$**&% kidding me ?       are you #@%*&%%^&##@$ serious ?    does he not watch the games ?
And if he was just trying to be nice and parrot the words of the esteemed general manager and owner  -    then he’s simply another puppet in an organization that has too many
I don’t like it but I accept the fact we live in a society where most people don’t answer an honest question honestly  -     but ciskowski can’t say something a little more   ….   Uhhhhhhhhh  …    accurate than that ??     really ???     that’s the best he can do ??
We’ve seen the best the cowboys can do since jimmy Johnson left after building this team in the early 90’s   …   and I will defend with my last breath the fact it was jimmy who built ‘em   …    not jones   …..    but I’ve argued that too many times
This once fabled and proud organization is on a losing streak that puts ‘em with the lions and Bengals and chiefs   ….    And how is that possible since THEY DON’T HAVE ANY HOLES on this cowboys teams  ?????????
I will write some of this same nonsense every week at this site   …   if they don’t change this one of course