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Allen police officer revives career as field goal kicker


Posted on January 21, 2011 at 11:39 AM

Updated Friday, Jan 21 at 11:43 AM

ALLEN, TX - Garrett Courtney is a school resource officer in Allen and is available to kids who have questions about him, his job or anything else they may want to know. "I want them to know that they can come to me," Garrett says. "I represent not only officer Courtney, but the Allen Police Department."

We appreciate him being here," says assistant principal Paul Harper. "It's one of the tools that really helps us."

He can usually be found on the campus of Thomas Hugh Ereckson Middle School in Allen.

But there is another side to Courtney people haven’t seen in a while. Courtney is also a field goal kicker and is getting ready for training camp with the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football league.

“It was just an opportunity that was put in front of me,” Courtney says. “It's like if someone put a file on your desk. You don't know what it is until you open it. Well I opened it looked at it and said, let's give it a try.”

Courtney has had lot’s of questions directed his way after the lack of success of the Cowboys field goal kicking unit this past season. “It’s funny everyone I talk to, they say you need to go to the Cowboys,” Courtney says. “I say I’ve got a job. I love being a police officer.”

Courtney kicked in junior college and then at North Texas but he never got the break he needed to become a big time kicker. At age 33, this will probably be his last shot but in  Brett Favre years, he has a few years to go.

“I said, you know what, if this goes great, fantastic,” Courtney says. “It'll open up a door. If it doesn't, I can say I tried.”

Last year, Courtney was recognized as the Police Officer of the year and previously worked with the k-9 unit.

“Chief Rushing and our department, we support our community,” says Sergeant Jon Felty, the Public Information Officer of the Allen Police Department. “This is a new team. It's a new league, and so, we want to support him and support the effort for the community.”

At times, his skills as a kicker have turned heads. He recalls a time when he was a student teacher and offer tips during football practice.

He was asked, “Do you go to this school or work here?” he recalls.  “I said no I’m a substitute teacher for the drama class. So for nine weeks, I hear man that's the drama teacher kicking that.”

After school, he helps with the traffic around the school and offers high fives as the kids leave for the day. It’s obvious that he’s a popular man on campus.

“They call me the taser man,” Courtney says. They see the taser and point at the taser. When I was growing up, I would say, ‘wow, he’s got a gun.’ Well, now this is a taser.”

If he's as popular with the Wranglers as he is with the kids, then it shouldn't take long for him to become a fan favorite in the Indoor Football League.