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16 seconds: Dale defines the Ravens loss

Hansen Unplugged

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Posted on October 17, 2012 at 9:32 AM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 17 at 9:45 AM

That latest screw-up by the cowboys in baltimore …   standing around while 16 seconds ticks off the clock…  THEN calling a time-out to kick a 51 yard field goal they miss…   is just the latest and I flat out don’t understand what the &$%%#@%^! Is going on with this team
How can this be? You have veteran receivers who basically walk back to the line of scrimmage   -   offensive lineman who move faster to lunch than they did here  -    and a quarterback who didn’t appear to have a clue what to do.
Why wasn’t Tony Romo at the line of scrimmage  -   screaming at everybody to line up so he could spike the ball…  and instead he just stands there   ---   and a head coach who has a microphone in romo’s helmet… and he was saying what?
I said this on the air the other night…    there are high school teams in texas that would have run at least 2 plays in those final seconds.. .  and most of ‘em 3…  and the cowboys run 1 play in the last 26 seconds. I BLAME EVERYBODY.
Now I did hear the other day that it was the short pass to Dez Bryant that was the real mistake   -    PLEASE!!   You throw Bryant a short safe pass …  he has a very good chance to pick up 5-6 yards….  And if he doesn’t  -   you still have plenty of time for another play…..   if we had the kids in Desoto running the plays   …   COWBOYS ???    NOT SO MUCH.
And now we start the tired rant of 'should Jason Garrett go??'     come on    -    our esteemed owner has had 7 coaches in his 23 years  --    6 in the last 16….   And you really think jones hiring another coach is the answer to the cowboys problem  -    really??     I mean  …    really??
I don’t know if garrett’s the answer or not…   pretty much anybody jones hires starts at the bottom of my wish list ….    But you just can’t keep firing coaches and hoping you stumble on the right one   -     where has that ever worked  ?????
I do remember a losing coach the cowboys had….   Everybody wanted him fired too   …   but then the original owner gave Tom Landry a 10 year contract  ----   and he was okay
The esteemed owner says this cowboys team…   the 2012 cowboys team  -   the one we’re watching right now  -   that team   --    is a super bowl contender   ---   I think he’s been hanging out with those tcu kids and smoking what they smoke
Too bad we can’t suspend him.
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