How worried are you about the Mavericks' backup PG situation?

How worried are you about the Mavericks' backup PG situation?

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Rodrigue Beaubois: A large piece of the temporarily Delonte-free puzzle . (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)


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Posted on February 27, 2012 at 8:27 PM

Updated Friday, Mar 2 at 10:06 PM

Kevin Turner: If Delonte West returns as soon as he says he will--- in about 3 weeks---then i'm not too worried.  When the time comes to really gear up for their playoff run, it would seem the Mavericks will be fine if West is in the lineup.  I understand West was starting at the two before he got injured, but he was still the primary backup point guard.

Before the All-Star Break, it appeared that Coach Carlisle had committed to going with Dominique Jones for the backup spot. But Roddy Beaubois has played a lot of minutes since the break while DoJo has gone M.I.A.
For now I'm tremendously concerned, but in the big picture of this season i'm not at all.  Though I'm not losing any sleep over this particular spot on the roster, it's a perfect example of how an injury to ANY of your players can throw the whole rotation out of whack.  The Mavs need Delonte West, and they need him back quick.
Jake Kemp: Less concerned than I should be, given the fact that the starter is 38. Given current projections plus a little leeway, the Mavs will still have around 15 games left in the regular season when Delonte West returns. That’s enough time for him to get back to the level he reached when giving them 25 minutes of plus defense and acceptable stewardship of the offense. If that projection changes too much, or West is further injured in a bum fight, concern would certainly be warranted.
Joseph Ursery: Meh. The lack of a PG behind Kidd (with Kidd's age and handling needs)is troubling, but it's not like there's not talent there-we've all seen good Roddy- and it's one of the more fungible positions on the team. 
JET capable of filling in minutes in certain situations, and Carter capable of playing point forward for stretches (and Odom theoretically could do this too, but that's another question). Having West was (and will be?) nice, but he's more replaceable than others on this roster.
Josh Davis: I'm not particularly concerned about the Mavs point guard depth for a few reasons, primarily because they weren't dependent on point guard depth last year on their title run, and I see them as a team built to take one more shot with the Kidd/Dirk core before a major revamp this offseason.
Not to mention, there isn't much available and the Mavs don't have a whole lot of trade bait besides expiring salary they'd like to hold on to. Steve Nash or Deron Williams isn't walking through that door… At least until the summer.
Dallas has gone from giving minutes to Deshawn Stevenson and J.J. Barea to giving minutes to Delonte West and Roddy Beaubois, when they are available. The franchise has done a good job of putting out a product on the court that will be a playoff team and hope to catch lightning in a bottle again come playoff time, but they are far from a complete puzzle. Hopefully the hole at backup point guard will be filled with Jason Kidd next year, with a new Mav running the show.
Or Moyal:  I'm troubled but intrigued. Rodrigue Beaubois and Dominique Jones have been poor fits at the position to this point, and the rest of the time will go to Vince Carter and Jason Terry. Nothing about that seems good, but Rick Carlisle is creative enough to make it all work. The team  is significantly impaired without Delonte West, one of this year's most pleasant surprises. But between Beaubois' explosiveness, Jones' tenacity and penetration, Terry's experience in the offense and Carter's... well, let's just hope for the best, there might be a semi-complete point guard combo in the mix. 

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