Conservative talk show host blasts Rangers star for immigration comments




Posted on July 8, 2010 at 6:05 PM

Updated Thursday, Jul 8 at 8:04 PM

Texas Rangers third baseman Michael Young has landed in the middle of the Arizona immigration controversy, and it comes at a time when Young is already garnering All-Star attention.

Two months ago, Young called Arizona’s immigration law “ridiculous” and “an embarrassment.” He’s now drawing fire from a conservative talk show host who thinks the comments should keep him off the All-Star team.

Voting for the final American League All-Star team member ended Thursday afternoon. Earlier in the day, Young lost the support of WBAP personality Mark Davis.

Young told reporters he likely won’t be named an All-Star this year. However, he would not discuss Mark Davis’ comments on his radio show Thursday morning.

Davis said he was offended at Young’s comments on the Arizona immigration law, which were made to a Fort Worth Star Telegram columnist.

“Michael's comments — intentional or not — were a direct insult to me and to the countless Rangers fans who admire the Arizona law," Davis told his listeners.

Davis — who is a Rangers fan — said he brought the issue up on his radio show because he could not vote for Young to be on the All-Star team.

“Obviously, Michael views the Arizona law to be racist and oppressive. As such, it's kind of a logical chain: If the law is racist and oppressive, and I admire the law, then I am a racist and an oppressor," said the talk show host.

Young, when asked about Davis' comments, did not want to discuss it. “I’m not going to talk about it today. I don't know what he said, and I'm not going to get into it. I didn't listen to the show," Young said.

Davis said he was only talking about his own feelings, and not encouraging others to avoid voting for Young as an All-Star.

“In no way did I tell people not to. I will never tell others what to do," Davis said. "I simply reacted to, sadly, what I was unable to do."

Davis told News 8 he would like to see Young to go four-for-four with a grand slam in every game this year and win a World Series. But he told us, in his opinion, Young’s comments on the Arizona law should keep the six-time All-Star from his seventh appearance at the midsummer classic.