Rangers struggling, but their outlook remains rosy

Rangers struggling, but their outlook remains rosy

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Relax, Rangers fans. Mike Napoli will take a happier pose soon enough. (Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images)



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Posted on June 5, 2012 at 4:57 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jun 5 at 5:10 PM

The Rangers have dropped 5 of 6, including a 12-1 drubbing last night at the hands (and bats) of the Oakland Athletics. If only they could avoid those pesky 8-run innings against division rivals…

The point is, it's clearly time to hit the panic button on the 2012 season.  Sound the alarms. Clear out your internet search history, the rapture is coming. The Rangers are only up 4.5 games in the West-- clearly we're headed for the sort of dystopian doom scenario where only a mailman can save the country, but at least Tom Petty is still Tom Petty. 
Dude, relax. Take a chill pill*.
If this were football season, yes panic. But this is baseball. Dry spells happen. This isn't the rapture, aliens aren't coming. It's not even the Cuban Missile Crisis (which didn't end the world BTW).
Quick, what was the Rangers record on June 5th last year? Time's up. 34-26. That's a .567 winning percentage, just below the .582 they're sitting at right now. At the same time last year they had just won 5 in a row, and (if you're a time traveling Ranger avert your eyes, walk back into the corn, or face the butterfly effect. Unless you're Julio Borbon, in which case, spoiler alert, you're still a minor leaguer next season. wamp wamp) were about to tank 8 of 11 on an abysmal road trip, including back-to-back 4-12 suckfests against the damn Yankees. Woof.
They also later went on a 12 game tear that started on America's b-day and ended July 20th with a loss to the Angels and a 4-game division lead. How many games are they up right now? Oh right. And before you get onto me about how last season ended (I thought we agreed never to mention it again?), I ask you: heartbreak and all, isn't that more fun than paying to see this?
That said, a lot can happen in 102 games. Sure, there are (pitching) questions. What to do with Neftali Feliz when he returns**? How long will Scott Feldman have to pull spot start duty? And what of Roy Oswalt's lower back, WHAT?? That's all normal. Every team that's not the 1927 Yankees has question marks. For now, this is a squad scoring more runs than anybody in the majors and giving up fewer runs than all but 4 AL pitching staffs***. Teams that score one and half more runs than they give up tend to win ballgames.
So shut up, the Rangers are fine. They're keeping me up with these 9pm starts (get in our division already, Astros!) but that's ok. For now, the question is which Derek Holland (I'm not talking about mullets/facial hair) will show up tonight, the one who pitches well on the road or the other one?

*Although the brown chill pill is not specifically too good.

**Let the elbow rest. "sore elbow"= Tommy John surgery if you're not careful.

*** In fact, if you take away the three 8 run innings from the last week, they would have the best team ERA in the AL at 3.35.
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